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Rapid Growth in Charities-Just a Random Thought

December 8, 2009

A report by Sanford University stated that the numbers of 501(c)( 3) has grown by more than 60% in the United States to 1.1 million in just a decade. I think that some of this growth may be contribute to the economic and political climate over the less decay. The report also stated that the $300 billion donated to charities last year cost the federal government more than $5o billion in lost tax revenue. There are some who think that the IRS should tighten up the requirement and limit the numbers of charitable organizations and also decide which organization should or/ are more able to better provide these services.

I think that there is a greater need today for more nonprofit organizations. The government may lack the resources, skills and sometimes the desire to provide the services that many of these organizations are providing. The federal government  does not have the management skills, resources and capabilities to make these type of decisions. Instead of considering actions which will discourage Americans from donating we should be looking to encourage Americans to donate more time and resources to nonprofits.

This whole discussion about lost revenue is an oxymoron because the numbers speak for themselves. Most of the donations to 501(c) (3) organizations are giving because they are tax exemptions.  If you discourage donors from giving ” what is the taxable benefit” to IRS?  How can limiting  an organization abilities to receive tax exempt donations or the donor ability to give a  What do you think?

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