Keeping up the Hope

For every economist, politician or financial expert who tell us the recession is over, there are thousands of people who thing we are in a depression. Even in the mist of experts saying the recession has bottom out, the trickle-down effect of the U.S. economic recession has created extreme hardships for many Americans.

The reports on unemployment leave no reasons to believe that things are getting better. There are hundreds of thousands workers who have been laid off or terminated. Unemployment in some communities has reached nearly 15 % and there are 26 states with unemployment near 10%.

Since the beginning of 2009 there have been over 2.7 million Americans whom have lost jobs. Many of these jobs are in the auto and finance industries and have no real chance of re-emerging even when the economy recovers. The harsh reality is that today’s economic crises have overwhelmed some people and caused some awful consequences in our community. Many of our family, friends and neighbors have simply given up hope. We are hearing too many news reports about distraught individuals, who are killing not only themselves but also their family. It’s up to us to identify people with possible self-destructive behavior and help them get the professional care and resources that are needed.

There are many nonprofit organizations that are able to deliver the resources to those who have become emotionally troubled as a result of the economy. The organizations that are able to provide hope to those in need desire your help in connecting them with those that feel hopeless. There are many organizations that provide free assistance and they will welcome any and all financial contributions or volunteers.

If you know of any nonprofit organizations doing great work offering hope for the hopeless, please sent me an email. The organizations may get mention in a later post or may even get listed as a resource on my web site.

Please take a look at my newsletter for other tips, resources and valuable information.

If you know of resources that you think would be helpful to other, please forward their contact information so that we can share it. Keep checking back here for more information, ideals and comments as we moved forward in these tough times.

See you soon!


Are we missing our lives?

One of the benefits of the downturn in the economy is that many people are being forced into simplicity. I read an article where psychologist Robert Wicks stated, “Simplicity is a silver lining to the downturn in the economy.” He also stated, “In the up economy, people were successful, but in many cases, they were missing their lives.”

Are we missing our lives? What are we doing to really enjoy our lives? Psychologist Wicks said, “They weren’t spending time really enjoying friends. The simplicity that’s possible during economic times would not come to the force if a crisis has not occurred.” Don’t wait for economic crises to force you to enjoy the simple things in life.

Learn to be happy. One of the keys to being happy is by focusing on gratitude. How often do you show your gratitude and in what ways? It’s suggested that you establishes a practice of gratitude. While you are at it, I suggest you should also develop strategies for dealing with stress and hardship.

Maybe you should consider “volunteering” in order to make other people happy or giving them hope. You certainly will make yourself happy in the process.

Quotes of the Moment

“When one is out of touch with oneself, one cannot touch others.”- Ann Morrow Lindber

“The best cure for your own self-inflicted suffering is often services to other” – Jonathan Lockwood Huie


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